What we have been upto!

Hey all, how are ya? It has been about a month now since we launched our website & posted our first blog so it feels about time that we had a little catch up & let you all know what we have been up to since then. (If you are interested - HA!) 

So yeah, firstly thank you to everyone who took the time to check out our new website and buy our products, we are ever so grateful & the feedback has been amazing! Like we said in the last post there is so much to take in and we are forever learning new bits & bobs but we have the confidence we will get there. 

What have we been upto? Well along with shipping off you lovely lot's orders we have been working on our collaboration with Glasgow Shabby Chic & working with some lovely customers on up cycling their old furniture. As you can imagine we are visual people and so have attached some photos....



We were challenged to up cycle 16 dining room chairs & a foot stool, the customer herself picked the pattern and fabric from the collection & we altered the colours to suit her dining room. Biased as it sounds we love the finished set of chairs and the little foot stool is very cute, but most importantly the customer was delighted with the outcome!

At Shabby Chic HQ we have taken these old cable drums and began working on making them into little side tables (I mean how cute would they be beside your bed!) We chose a slate grey to give a contemporary feel and it worked so well on the wood as it gives depth & highlight in areas. 


We have also added a new feature on our website which allows you to buy our Shabby Chic collection online, aswell as on the facebook page, so go have a little nosey at that if you are interested on the work we are doing there.

Well blabbed enough now, let us know what you have been up to & what you like about the website.

We will also be at Big Feed on the 25th & 26th of Novemeber so we hope to see you there!

Kim & Cat ☺

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